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CEDDFUZE : IN THE MIX # 16 | Le 2304 Ă  21H

today 23/04/2024my_locationTwenty4 radio Basement

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CEDDFUZE : Planet-Ibiza 𝗜 𝗔𝗠 𝗕𝗱𝗛𝗱 Special Edition Cedd FUZE

The music influenced my life a lot,
Life greatly influences my music…a
Born in France in 1977 , lives in Marseille, southern France!
Dj since the age of 17, passionate about electronic music, here’s a beautiful way for me to be expressed through sound, ambience, felt, the emotional, feeling ….
Member of the deep & smooth collective
Online with: Wilfgang music, Home – the land of bes, deep & smooth, We are hippies, joinRadio, KollektiV LiEBe e.V, Cosmovision rec, Pecci Music, &more …
I invite you to discover my musical universe.

“I thank all the artists in the playlist & YOU 😉 “

Music Only…

Cedd Fuze

DĂ©but 23/04/2024 H 21:00
Fin 23/04/2024 H 22:00
Emplacement Twenty4 radio Basement
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